Vote NO to Baltimore County Bill 32-17!

On May 1, Baltimore County Councilman Crandell introduced Bill 32-17, which will require some officers in the Department of Corrections to act as federal immigration agents for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).


  • This Bill will require substantial unreimbursed county funding for corrections officers to carry out federal directives.


  • Holding released inmates for up to 48 hours for ICE has been found unconstitutional in federal courts for violations of due process rights. The county can be sued for damages.


  • Law enforcement officers will be constrained financially from pursing established, priority law enforcment activities because significant resources will be directed to ICE enforcement.


  • Immigrant communities will distrust county law enforcement, withholding information critical to public safety.

The mission of the Baltimore County Department of Corrections is "to provide for public safety by confining pretrail detainees and sentenced offenders in a clean, safe, and secure detention facility, to ensure appearances at court, to provide self-improvement."

I ask my Councilperson to vote NO to this damaging and wasteful Bill.

GOAL: 1,500 signatures

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    Sign the petition: Vote NO to Baltimore County Bill 32-17!
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    Sign the petition: Vote NO to Baltimore County Bill 32-17!
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    Sign the petition: Vote NO to Baltimore County Bill 32-17!
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